Au-pair and Internship in Austria

Last year I tried to organize some work placements and internship in Austria so that our students could use their language skills, which they acquire at school, in a full immersion programme and also get to know the culture of the country whose school they attend.
After a lot of research and email exchange and with the help of the former teacher Margit Herta, we were finally able to find families for 7 students in our school. 2 of them attended classes at the HTL in Villach for 2 weeks and were well taken care of by a lovely host family and the committed teacher Ewald Langer. 5 students of 3rd grade could work as nannies in Tirol (due to the help of Viktoria Mair), Styria and Carinthia. I would also like to thank my colleagues at school, who helped pay the travel expenses. There are some comments and photos of the participants to show the result of that activity.
Renate Melcher


I had the opportunity to do my internship at the HTL Villach in Austria. I stayed there for two weeks with my friend Injacio. Beside the internship the best part was spending time with our host-family. Every afternoon after school we went to another attractive place either with our teacher, Mr Langer or with our family. They were all so nice and generous and I don’t think there could be any better hosts than the Kenders or Mr Langer. The Albanians are famous for their hospitality but I was impressed by their hospitality, too, I felt like in my home with them.

Donald Gjeloshi

Working Holidays in Tirol

Spending 5 weeks with different people in a different country will not make you feel homesick when you can live with such a great, friendly family like the one I had. For me it was an honour to meet those people and spend some time with them in Austria.
Lisi was the woman who I helped with the housework. She is very nice and funny. With her I really felt as if I had known her for years and as if she were my family. We cooked together, talked about our different culture and also told each other funny jokes. She also tried to teach me the difficult Tirol dialect, with doesn’t sound like German at all ;-). I also had the pleasure to meet her children and her little nephews, who are now my friends and with whom I am still in contact. During those weeks I also visited the sights of Innsbruck and Kristallwelten in Wattens and we did a lot of activities together.
This was one of the best experiences of my life. I really enjoyed it and I would like to thank my English teacher, Ms Melcher, who gave me that opportunity and many teachers of our school who helped with the travel expenses.

Rina Çekaj

Five weeks in Austria like five days

Our English teacher told us to write a short report about our experience in Austria. But how can it be short when I have to write about one of the most beautiful and interesting experience of my life?
The idea of living with people you don’t know makes you nervous and at the same time you don’t know how to behave. But I was really lucky. I met very nice and friendly people. For five weeks I felt part of their family. They gave me really happy moments and I can’t remember any moment when I felt homesick.
What I enjoyed most was the time I spent with Florentina, the family’s daughter. She’s a smart, happy and active child. I’m looking at the photos that we have taken together and I smile because she made my days there really special and happy.
With Werner and Christa I remember the long hours we spent talking about life and culture in Albania. They were very interested in discovering more about tourism in our country. Now they are planning summer holidays here, because what they miss in Austria is the sea.
Roman und Brigitte are Florentina’s parents. They entrusted me with their only child, although they didn’t know me before and this makes me very proud.
Kasha and Mazhena are the two women from Poland, who work for the Zöhrer-Sauer family. And I say honestly that I found two good friends in them. We spent a lot of hours together eating chocolates, drinking coffee and talking in three different languages. They taught me some words in Polish, which I still remember.
During the time I was in Austria I visited the most special places and had the opportunity of getting to know one of the most important cities in Austria, Graz. I have to thank the Zöhrer-Sauer family a lot because every weekend they organized something special to make my days there unforgettable.
We exchanged our phone numbers and we are still in contact with each other. I text more with Werner. We inform each other about our daily activities. It is really nice to know that they have got a good opinion of me.
For the best experience of my life I thank with all my heart my English teacher, Ms Melcher, who found the right family for me. I had five happy weeks in Austria because she organized everything. She also phoned me many times to talk with me and this made me feel her support.

Xheronina Rrotani



Rina Kristallwelten

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