9ax – Story writing project

Step 1: Write a 50-word-story. 

Include: message – Ferris wheel – Pizza Margarita
Step 2: Redistribution of corrected texts. Students continue their work using a text written by one of their classmates.
Step 3: Expand the story to 100 words.
Include:Egyptian mummy – bump – car park

The team: Alba Dervishi – Lidia Lufi – Dardan Elbasani – Jona Aliku – Erlind Boriçi – Elefteria Dardeli – Alis Draçini – Edona Halilaj – Gledis Hamzi – Endrin Hoti – Riad Isufi – Uvejs Sokoli – Endri Burgaj

The judges: the teachers of our school

The winners:

1. Alba Dervishi: A crazy BAD idea
It was Saturday night, I was home alone and very bored. I decided to do something crazy. I robbed a supermarket, ate a big Pizza Margarita and went to the Ferris wheel. But, unfortunately, the police were after me.So I went to the History Museum and decided to disguise myself as an Egyptian mummy, using the toilet paper. Then, covered in toilet paper up to my eyes, I went to the car park. While I was driving back home a van bumped into my car and caused a big dent. The police arrested me. Then my dad came, paid a fine, and I was finally released.

2. Lidia Lufi: 100-word-story
Herris messaged his girlfriend. He wrote, “I want to go to the Ferris wheel.“ Herris and his girlfriend met at the bar near his house. On their way there a big van caused a bump on the backside of their car, but they still stopped to buy a Pizza Margarita as they’d planned to. They had to wait until the pizza was ready. Fortunately, there was a car park, so they parked their car there. As if it hadn’t been bad enough, during the time they were waiting someone that looked like an Egyptian mummy stole the wheel from Herris’s car. So they couldn’t go to the Ferris wheel.

3. Dardan Elbasani: A day at the funpark

One night when my parents weren’t at home, my best friend sent me a message. She told me that her parents were out for a while and we could go to a funpark. I decided to go. The car park was full, so we had to park the car in a really tight space. When I looked at the back of the car I saw a bump. The funpark was full because of a new ride called “Egyptian mummy“. We waited for 4 hours to get onto it. It was worth it. Then we tried the Ferris wheel and ate Pizza Margarita.

Brigitte Grabner