5a´s Hiking/ Culinary Adventure

When our teacher suggested going hiking for our yearly project day we weren’t really excited. We had been planning to go on a school trip to Germany that exact week and to our big disappointment the plan didn´t work out. So Mali Hajmelit, an unknown mountain somewhere in between Shkodra and Lezha, instead of the Brauhaus in Munich… Ms. Mair also announced that class 9b would come along. Babysitting included. Great.

We got off the bus at the bottom of the mountain and started hiking. After about half an hour, our group split into two. The ones who decided to call it a day went to probably Albania´s most famous restaurant, Mrizi i Zanave, while the other group continued to climb. In Mrizi i Zanave we got to try a variety of Albanian fruit, pomegranate juice and cheesecake. We were impressed by the warm atmosphere and great Albanian hospitality.

So while about one third of 9b and 5a were enjoying Albanian slow-food, the rest of us had to face a big challenge. Mali Hajmelit is a steep hike. Most of us had never hiked that long before. The view from the summit was very rewarding and we got to enjoy views of most of northern Albania. Some of the younger students had a hard time descending but we managed to get down safe together.

October 2014, class 5a with their English teacher Viktoria Mair